Our Workshops

Here’s at peek at what will be going on (so far). If you want to hold a space, click below.

Nicole Hartley Bradford

The four feelings — anger, fear, sadness and joy — when felt in the present and about the present are for handling things. Emotions — anger, sadness, fear and joy — from the past, about the past, are for healing things. The EHP Dojo is a place open all weekend to bring your emotions for an Emotional Healing Process, and to learn about how to hold space for and inner-navigate them.

Bring tissues, towels, and water, and a notebook. Are you getting back in touch with your feelings? Are you a skilled space holder? Join the workshop and the team to collaborate about how to develop the skill to feel consciously.

Radical Intimacy runs rampant in Next Culture. You long for it. Radical Intimacy is scary. You dread it. Sounds familiar? Come practice it with others. Who knows, you might clear a block, upgrade your relational thoughtware, meet someone. Bring tissues, towels, water.

Briana Simpson

In this workshop, join Bri as she guides you into recognizing your highest alignment— the life that lights you up, helps you acknowledge what’s keeping you from that life— fear and limiting beliefs and supports you to identify authentic action to get you one step closer to the life your soul desires. Packing your bow with 3 powerful arrows: Alignment, Acknowledgment, and Action.

The most important part of your day is how you start it. Join Bri every morning as she guides you in a full body + soul activation to start your day awake and energized.

Daway Chou-Ren

Your anger is your clarity, your ability to set and keep boundaries, and your aliveness. Learn how to use anger responsibly and consciously. Experience what it is like to get wisdom from your anger: what you’re a yes to, what you’re a no to, and what you care about. Join us in this safe space for reacquainting your body with high levels of anger while still staying conscious.

The most enduring stories of our ancestors have survived because they address issues that have been important to generation after generation of listeners: they contain insights about our inner archetypes, knowledge of how to act when the world is falling apart, or bold possibilities of how one can be. Through this art we find wisdom, healing, transformation, and inspiration. Daway will tell an oral legend and together we will discuss what wisdom from it has landed in us.

“If you listen carefully, at the end you’ll be someone else.” — The Mahābhārata 

This will be a simple booth to let up the various pains in your life that have been hidden under the armor of “looking good”, “having it together”, “being strong”, or “not looking crazy”. You will have a safe space for navigating your authentic sadness, fear, and anger about your life or the world and the chance to make new meaning from your emotions.

Enki Martinez

Rob Holden

The Mythical Model is a way of understanding your inner world, yourself, your culture, and your place in the world. In this workshop you will learn to understand the Hero’s Journey and Mythical Model and what they tell us about out emotions and the place our culture is in. There is nothing that can’t be understood through this lens, as our ancestors once knew.

You’ll have the chance to tell your new story of who you are, and you’ll understand yourself and your emotions much more clearly. The world is in a period of change, the Mythical Model can help you understand why, and give you both foresight and wisdom.

Dynamic Facilitation is a process for personal and systems change. It can be used at any scale, from the personal — allowing a person to move through a block they haven’t been able to move through — to the group level — allowing groups to move through what blocks them from uniting.

In this workshop you will get change to take part in or witness the process of Dynamic Facilitations. We will choose a seemingly impossible-to-solve problem ourselves and use the inherent wisdom and experience of the whole group to build unity and develop group consciousness.

Meredith Witt

We will collect materials from the natural world (the beach, the forest, the fields) and then learn to make beautiful arrangements that serve the space you are trying to create. How can you use rocks or flowers or leaves to hold space for Love or Transformation?

Rosie Jaye

Bethlehem Mar

A collaborative conversation and oracular art making space. What is stage fright? What is it to be in-secure? Together we will create a new map of fear, and explore it as an access point to making doing being and living Art. 

We circle, move, play, feel, express, and animate in creative ways, re imagining team”work” and body”work,” and tending to ourselves and each other in uplifting interactive choreography to nourish our bodies.


What do you want to share or co-create? You will have a team to empower you.

This can be anything – a simple booth, a full-fledged multi-hour workshop, a guided walk in nature, a healing space for people to sit with you. 

Lighting the Edge is about empowerment and having the safety to discover new parts of yourself and make mistakes. You do not have to be an expert or have any “workshop facilitator” experience to contribute. So consider making a radical proposal that is dangerous to your current idea of what you can contribute or know how to do!

Our Physical Spaces

We will have three spaces for workshops: the Womb for softer events, the Sauna for high intensity events, and the Commons for music, dancing, physical movement, and whatever else we can dream up. Our village will be designed to have space for pop-up booths and mini impromptu workshops as well.

There is also going to be a ton of outdoor space – the campground, hiking trails in the woods, and the beach!

We will have a “Womb” for softer events
A larger space for music, yoga, and dancing
And a “Sauna” to safely experience higher intensity spaces
Jug Handle beach