Take a more active role

Hold a space!

This can be anything – a simple booth, a full-fledged multi-hour workshop, a guided walk in nature, a healing space for people to sit with you. What will you want to share or co-create with our village?

Lighting the Edge is about empowerment and having the safety to discover new parts of yourself and make mistakes. You do not have to be an expert or have any “workshop facilitator” experience to contribute. In fact, we want it to be that you could step up with only an interest in a topic, and you would be supported by the village in creating a collaborative space to explore this on the spot. We want to guide each other in discovery, have each others’ backs as we push our own edges, and use these edges to grow individually and build stronger bonds as a community.

So consider making a radical proposal that is dangerous to your current idea of what you can contribute or know how to do! Offer to create a space that you do not yet know how to hold! You will have a whole village to support you.


We need your help to make this run. Everyone attending will be helping throughout, but we need dedicated contributors for these set-ups tasks:

  • Lending or helping source camp infrastructure (e.g. bell tents, lighting, camp kitchen materials, etc.) and decorations (fabrics, fun lighting, rugs, pillows, etc.)
  • Committing to arriving early Friday afternoon to help set up camp from 1-6pm. Everyone will be helping with take-down on Monday.
  • Preparing and/or helping run the kitchen during the gathering
  • Creating digital materials for this website
  • Something else!