An Experimental Village

If you are here . . .

… then you have walked to the Edge of the bubble that marks what is “acceptable” to everyone else and maybe even gone beyond it. We welcome you. Lighting the Edge is a three day gathering for us to practice living the kind of culture with each other that we dearly wish for the world.{

What does that look like? Some of it seems clear: we want a village where people are willing to lean past what blocks them from loving, where we’re generous with our gifts, and where it’s allowed for us to feel our feelings. We want a village where it is the norm to empower others to discover new parts of themselves they did not know existed before. We want a village where we’re honest about our emergent desires; where it’s okay to not know what comes next; where creation and participation is happening; and where we live in the magic of the present moment. We want to bring light to what is possible at the Edge of culture.

The connection that will happen at Lighting the Edge will last beyond just three days. We are forming a team that will continue to empower all of us when we return to nurture this kind of culture in our home communities.

The rest of it (and we know there will be so much more) will be up to us to unfold through our collective collaboration.

A Participatory Gathering

This will be a communal endeavor where each of us takes a radical level of responsibility for creating the collective experience. That means speaking up when you see things drifting away from our purposes and taking care of things whenever you see something that needs to be taken care of.

There will be no festival staff or celebrity headliners. (That’s us — all of us). We will be cooking communal meals together and supporting each other in creating workshops and spaces of transformation.

Above all else, a participatory gathering means please don’t numb out. Stay present in your connections even when it’s uncomfortable and search in yourself for what’s needed to create the experience you’re wanting.

We are going on a journey together as a group: there will be no late arrivals or early departures. Everyone will arrive by 8pm Friday evening for an opening circle and everyone will stay for Monday morning camp takedown until noon.

A Place for Experimentation

We want a place safe enough for us to experiment with how we’re showing up. We want to be able to leave our comfort zones and be with others in ways we could not ordinarily. Everything that happens — no matter how messy — is fuel for our personal growth and transformation.

This will be a core part of Lighting the Edge. How can you allow others to try shedding parts of themselves they no longer wish to have? How can you create a safe space for the person next to you to go through the vulnerable process of transformation? What will you need to lean past your own edges?

An Ecstatic and Immediate Celebration

This is a celebration! This Fourth of July weekend, we’re celebrating not the usual American hoo-rah but rather the aliveness of our Beings, our capacities for love, and our willingness to create with each other. Come, be present, eat, laugh, sing, and dance. Bring what you think will bring joy to others. You’ll be surrounded by fields, woods, the beach, the sea, and some of the most radiant Beings we know.

Daily Schedule


8 AMPhysical movement
9 AMOpening check-ins
9:30 AMMorning workshops
12 – 1 PMCommunal lunch
1 – 6 PMAfternoon workshops
6 – 8 PMCommunal dinner
8 PM – nightDance, music, lounge activities

Weekend Schedule


Friday 1 – 6 PM (June 30)Arrive and help set up the village
Friday 8 PMOpening circle (arrive before this time)
SaturdaySee daily schedule
SundaySee daily schedule
Monday morningCamp tear down
Monday noonClosing circle (do not leave before this time)