a gathering to

step beyond the boundaries of Modern Culture
and discover what else we can create

build a village where we can feel our feelings, navigate to new ways of being together, and practice being sources of love

come together as a community that will empower all of us as we continue on our transformational paths

What is Lighting the Edge?

Lighting the Edge is a three-day gathering of people willing to step past the boundaries of what is accepted in Modern Culture. We will be building a village where we can dare to live the kind of culture with each other that we dearly wish for the world – a culture where feelings are valued, where we transform and shift what keeps us from really being with others, where we interact from a grounded and centered place, and where we are empowered to discover parts of ourselves we did not know about before.

This gathering will blend together elements from transformational workshops, communal living, and ecstatic festivals. It is a participatory gathering, where the experience is designed to be co-created by everyone there. As a team, we will hold transformational workshops for us and by us, we will cook and gather for communal meals, and we will each take responsibility for showing up in the ways needed to create the intimate and vulnerable connections we want.

This will be a gathering where we live in the magic of the present moment without knowing what comes next and where we shine a light on what is possible beyond the edge of culture.

Some of our workshops

How do I attend?

What do I need to know?

No, and we really mean it! Most of our stages will be devoted to workshops and events. The main focus of the gathering will be on creating a village together, with communal meals and plenty of opportunity to share your ongoing experience. No village would be complete without some music, and there will be space for that, but it will not be the central focus of the gathering.

Yes! We will have volunteer teams cooking vegan communal meals with gluten-free options. If you have other dietary restrictions, please let us know. Feel free to bring your own snacks.

You should bring your own bowl/plate/mug/utensils.

Lighting the Edge will be at Jug Handle Creek Farm, 15501 California 1, Caspar, CA, 95420.

Set up will begin at 1pm on Friday, June 30 (you can arrive as early as this time) and take down will be complete by 12pm on Monday, July 3. We ask that you arrive before 8pm Friday night for our opening circle and stay until take down is finished.

Yes. We will have an opening circle at 8pm on Friday evening. You can arrive as early as 1pm to be part of the team setting up the village. This is not a drop-in, drop-out, everyone-do-your-own-thing festival. We are building a village and we want everyone there to create an experience together.

Village deconstruction will happen on Monday morning and your participation will be needed.

Yes, all ages are welcome. Some spaces will be suitable for children and some will not be. Parents, we invite you to exercise your capacity and ability to create agreements with other villagers for the extraordinary care of children. Elders, we want your wisdom and collaboration. 

Children under the age of 16 do not need a separate ticket.

If there is a serious financial barrier preventing you from attending, click this little email button to write to Daway.

The cost of your ticket is necessary for renting the campground and providing the food and equipment needed to make this happen.

We are not generating profit for ourselves as organizers nor are we paying anyone for holding a workshop or other space. We want people to contribute to this gathering from a place of being truly excited to share their gifts.

Alcohol is prohibited. We ask that you be mindful of the effects of anything you put in your body, especially substances that would numb or take away your ability to be fully present. This is a gathering for vulnerable in-person interaction.

We’re not selling a pre-built culture for you to adapt to and tiptoe around in. We’ll be building an emergent culture together and that will require nuance and group navigation.

We have two overarching intentions: 1) To create a space where people can bring their self-discovery and self-expression and 2) To be sensitive to others and collaborative as a group. That includes having all ages be welcome in this village. There may be clashes here, especially around eros, sexuality, children, and who knows what else. We intend to have room for working through whatever boundaries, desires, proposals, or aversions come up and find solutions together.

We do ask that there is no sexual genital contact in public and that people are sensitive about the energy they bring to whatever spaces they’re in.